Breezy's Health Clearances

OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Thyroid - Normal
OFA Heart - Normal, Cardiologist
CERF# GSP-1943/2008-37, July 2008

Breezy's Pedigree

CH Samba Con El Viento JH

SR26073607 Liver & White Ticked, OFA28G, DNA V400676

CH Robin Crest Silver Spirit JH

SN615134/05 09-00 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA25E, DNA V118563

CH Robin Crest Reo Flying Cloud JH

SM957019/04 05-97 Liver & White OFA28G, DNA V26466

CH Robin Crest Rolls Royce

SD400915 02-84 Liver & White

Robin Crest Duke of Ireland

SB389346 03-76 Liver & White

CH Bama Belle's J B Scotch N' Soda

SC642927 12-81 White & Liver Ticked, OFA27

CH Exclusive's Greta Special

SE810528 08-92 White & Liver OFA31G

Leiblingstier Heinreich

SE612777 04-87 Liver & White

CH Bama Belle's Exclusive

SD859411 04-87 Liver & White Ticked OFA61G

CH Malhaven Sage Grouse

SN204960/01 05-99 Liver & White Patched & Ticked

CH Malhaven For Your Eyes Only

SN113579/01 Liver & White Ticked

CH Brandy Von Greif II

SD860488 12-85 Liver & White OFA59F

Buck Hollows Prairie Breeze

SF348281 Liver & White

Buck Hollow's Force of Destiny

SD057522 03-83 Brown & White OFA41

Hazel Von Eichorn CD

SE376943 05-88 Liver & White OFA58G

NMK's Lil' Miss Can't Be Wrong JH

SN775277/05 07-02 Liver & White Ticked, OFA47G, DNA V452821

DC Eagle Ridge Royal Magnitude MH

SN373893/05 08-99 Liver & White Patched & Ticked OFA30G

CH Ericson's Royal Persuasion MH

SN242075/02 11-96 White & Liver Ticked

CH Maekenet's Flying Persuasion

SE797447 05-89 White & Liver OFA24G

CH Ericson's Tahoe Tessie MH

SM875127/03 07-95 Liver & White OFA29E

DC NMK's Shining Star-V Rugerheim MH

SF965151 08-93 Liver & White Ticked, OFA24E

DC Rugerheim's Bit Of Bourbon

SD398821 10-84 Liver & White Ticked, OFA41

DC NMK's Brittania V Sebelstein

SE042188 09-88 White & Liver Ticked, OFA41G

DC AFC NMK-RD's Final Curtain Call MH

SN077496/01 06-95 Liver & White Ticked OFA30G, DNA V15648

CH NMK's Placer Country Snowbird

SD077513 01-83 Liver & White Ticked, OFA52

CH Wing King Von Brandenburg

SC150697 10-80 White & Liver Ticked, OFA24

CH Field Fines Lady of Adam

SB721484 12-75 Liver & White OFA61

FC AFC R Desire's Lonesome Dove MH

SM817028/01 09-93 Liver & White Ticked OFA27G, DNA V82504

FC AFC Waco Willy

SD580434 11-84 Liver & White

NMK's Morning Desire CD MH

SE510626 01-90 Liver & White Ticked, OFA40E